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10 Questions Every Vaper Gets Asked

Here are 10 questions that every vaper gets asked:

1. What are you doing?

A lot of people simply don’t understand what vaping is! With all of the different devices out there, and the general population generally doesn’t know a lot about it.

2. How is vaping any different from smoking?

Further, many people don’t understand the fundamental differences, so once you begin to vape, be prepared to answer these questions. 

3. How does vaping work?

You ought to be prepped to explain the inner workings of a device to a complete novice, as many people will be curious about how it all works. 

4. What are you exhaling?

A lot of people might be wondering how you’re producing those clouds of vapour.

5. Is their nicotine in that?

Whether you vape nicotine or not, many people will be curious about whether or not your e-liquid contains nicotine or not. 

6. Why does it smell so good?

Some people might be shocked to see the “smoke” and then smell the smell of of your e-liquid, whether it be sweet strawberry, coffee or something else.

7. Can I try it?

If your pal wants to give vaping a go for themselves, then they may ask to try yours! Especially after they have been wowed by your knowledge.

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