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1 In 5 Smokers Quits 6 Months After Buying Their First E-Cig, Study Finds

A new study led by postdoctoral researcher Karolien Adriaens of the KU Leuven research university in Belgium has found that about one in five smokers in the Belgian region of Flanders managed to completely quit smoking just six months after buying their very first electronic cigarette, adding to the scientific evidence that supports vaping as a means to smoking cessation.

The study's participants were asked to fill out questionnaires that assessed their smoking and vaping behaviour at three different stages following the initial purchase of their first e-cig. These three stages were intake, three months in, and six months after they purchased their first e-cigarette. All of the participants had their smoking status biochemically verified using eCO measurements.

Study participants used e-liquid with an average nicotine concentration of 7mg/ml. Among those who participated in the study, 18% completely quit smoking after six months and 25% at least halved the number of cigarettes that they smoked each day.

Successful Quitters Consumed More E-Liquid

The researchers also found a correlation between the amount of e-liquid used and the rate of successfully quitting smoking. For participants who had completely quit smoking after six months, the researchers noted that their findings showed that they consumed more e-juice than participants who did not manage to completely quit smoking at the six-month marker.

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